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"Still Winners"
Founded in 2008, Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue (SCTR) is an all volunteer run, registered and fully industry accredited 501(c)(3) charity with a mission to rescue Thoroughbred horses bred and raised for racing, from slaughter, neglect and abuse.

Many of the Thoroughbreds we rescue are found in poor and depressed condition requiring extensive rehabilitation prior to adoption.  The work we do in rehabilitation, re-training and re-homing our rescued Thoroughbreds is driven by the philosophy that all of them - whether they ever raced, whether they raced competitively or not, whether they were successful or not in the breeding shed, and no matter what their condition when we rescue them - they are "Still Winners".  

Since SCTR was founded we have assisted hundreds of Thoroughbreds at auction either by taking them in to SCTR, or by intermediating their rescue by other non-profits or private parties. 

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Cymple Rhythm (2003) 

Cymple Rhythm was rescued at auction in September 2013 for $100.  Under saddle and starved, "Della" was transformed from this sad, frail looking mare with a body condition score of 2

to this energetic, athletic mare with tons of riding potential in the summer of 2014.  

Della is now adopted as Aislinn's junior hunter.

Magic Route (2003)

We were alerted to the desperate situation of six year old former racehorse Magic Route by a woman who had responded to a "horse for sale" ad - and found this starving young thoroughbred gelding. Within the next twenty four hours, Magic was impounded by local animal services at the boarding facility where his owner had maintained him. Magic was transferred from animal services to SCTR a day later. Magic's rehabilitation with SCTR took less than four months - in which time he was transformed from this horse:

to this horse four months' later.

Today, Magic is adopted and loved by Peter and Rhoda.

Irish Katie (1997)

We found Irish Katie, a former hard knocking racehorse and broodmare, on a low end auction lot in August 2009, thin and covered in lash marks.  Although SCTR was not in a position to rescue her, subsequent donations permitted us to retrieve her from the slaughter buyer who purchased her at the auction.  Katie had clearly been abused and was not only quite depressed, but also nervous around people, especially men.  However, she is remarkably resilient and blossomed relatively quickly both physically and mentally.  This was Katie the day she was rescued:

and this is Katie the following summer:

Rest in peace.  Katie was humanely euthanized in 2013 due to complications from colic.  

Can You Help them Still Be Winners?

If you would like to support the life-saving and life-changing work of Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue, you can do so in a number of ways as How You Can Help explains.  If you would specifically like to donate to allow the rescue of an additional horse from a life threatening situation, please donate to our Still Winners fund here:

Carla Angel (2003)

Carla was seized from a neglectful owner in February 2013 and transferred to SCTR a few days later.  Starving, with a belly full of sand and covered with infected sores, Carla's rehabilitation took several months from this in February

to this healthy vibrant mare by September.  Carla has enjoyed months of professional re-training from the ground up and was adopted in 2018.

Cascade Mountain (2003)

We rescued six year old former racehorse Cascade Mountain at auction for $110 in March 2009, to prevent him from shipping out of state to slaughter.  "Red" as he became known, was thin, tense and depressed.  It is remarkable how intuitively horses on low end auction lots known that they have been effectively deserted to the unknown.  However, within three months, with good food, love and a sense of security, he became a healthy and confident young gelding.

Red, the day after we rescued him:

and just a few months later:

Red is now adopted and loved by Johanna and her family.

Lola (2006)

Lola is a registered, but un-named Thoroughbred filly that was in a trailer accident as a yearling before ever having a chance to train or race.  She was subsequently surrendered to the veterinary clinic where she was being treated for her injuries when the bills were no longer being paid.  The clinic nursed her to health, then "adopted" her out before she reached her third birthday to someone who barely fed her for a month, then took her to auction.  We bid to spare her a trip out of state to slaughter, winning her for $200.  Although very thin, sad and afraid, Lola rapidly transformed from her condition the day after her rescue at auction

to this confident young filly a couple of months later

Lola is now a beautiful five year old mare who found a permanent loving home.

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