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About Adopting


SCTR is seeking loving, knowledgeable, safe and permanent homes for our horses. If you adopt one of our horses, you are making a lifetime commitment to that horse. If your circumstances change, and you can no longer care for the horse, it must come back to SCTR for re-adoption or retirement. 
All prospective homes for our thoroughbreds are subject to our screening and approval. Here is the sequence of steps you must take if you want to adopt one of our horses. 

          Caroline and Apache. 

Steps to Take To Adopt A Thoroughbred

STEP 1. Fill out this ADOPTION APPLICATION FORM and either email it to us (fastest response time) at or mail it to us at SCTR, mail us the completed application to: SCTR, PO Box 5, Norco, CA 92860.

STEP 2. Arrange a visit to our farm and the horse(s) that you are interested in adopting by speaking with Jackie at
(951) 768-2043 to set up an appointment. It is not necessary that we have approved your application for you to come out and
visit us, however a visit does not imply that an application will be or has been approved.  

STEP 3. Your adoption application is processed. Processing of adoption applications may take as long as two weeks to complete,
depending on how quickly we are able to reach your references and assess your application on the basis of the information
that you provide.

STEP 4. An "on-site" check of your facility, or the boarding facility where you plan to maintain the horse, will be conducted by
one of our volunteers prior to final approval of your application.   

STEP 5. When your application is approved, you must make a non-refundable, tax-deductible Adoption Donation to our adoption
program, and sign an Adoption Contract with us. The actual agreement that you will sign is horse specific; for example,
no breeding clauses are added for mares (we do not adopt out stallions).

          Noble Gambler, one of our retired horses.

General Adoption Policies

Some key adoption policies that you should be aware of, before contacting us, are:

 Our horses are typically "green" with some professional re-training, but no discipline specific training. You must either be experienced in re-training racehorses, or verifiably plan to hire a professional trainer for your horse;

 No horses are adopted as "re-sale projects";

 No horses are adopted to lesson barns, lesson trainers, or as therapeutic riding or camp horses;

 No horses are adopted for breeding purposes;

 No horses are adopted out of state, unless you live in a CA border state - specifically, Arizona or Nevada - and we can feasibly reach the horse within a few hours;

 We occasionally adopt horses to first time horse owners, but only if you show sufficient evidence of horsemanship and riding lessons and training in progress, and plan to have your adopted horse professionally re-trained along with yourself.

      Caroline and Sunday Match.  RIP: Sunday Match was euthanized as the result of a colon torsion.

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