Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue

Adopted Horses

Cogent (2013)

Cogent came to us from the CARMA placement program and found a wonderful home in 2018.  Thank you Kylie!

Broken Up (2012)

Broken Up came to us in 2019 after sustaining a sesamoid fracture.  He ran 34 times an earned over $160,000.  His name is now Chex (because he likes snacks) and he is a solid trail horse in the making.  Best of luck, Laure!!

Just Fishin (2009)

Justin was tranferred to us from the CARMA placement program.  After a promising start in the Hunter Jumper ring, he was adopted by Jackie in January of 2019.  Congrats Jackie!

Carla Angel (2003)

Carla was listed on Craigslist in such poor condition that Riverside County Animal Control launched an investigation.  She was seized in 2013 and relinquished to SCTR later that year.  Carla has found her new home with Kathy.  Thank you Kathy!

Remember Boffi (2005)

Boffi was rescued at auction in December of 2009.  He was adopted and returned through no fault of his own.  He now has a new home with Larry.  Thank you Larry!

Nuther Gold Mine (2000)

Nuther Gold Mine was rescued after a traumatic auction experience in 2015. He was adopted by Sandy in June 2016.  Here he is with his new fan club! Thank you Sandy!

We Will Prevail (2000)

We Will Prevail aka "Flash" was rescued in 2008.  He raced 77 times, earning over $225,000.  He has been adopted by Glenda.  Congratulations Glenda!

Cascade Mtn (2003)

Cascade was rescued at auction in 2009 and was adopted by Johanna as a hunter/jumper prospect in 2013 after his return by a prior adopter.  Good luck Johanna!

Oneninetyeight Lake (2004)

Lake was adopted as a trail horse by Gayanne.  Congrats Gayanne!

 Speaking (2006)

Speaking found his forever home with Kelly.  Thank you Kelly!

Gold Stock (2005)

Gold Stock has gone to a wonderful new home with June.  Thank you June!

Hansen (????)

Hansen was rescued at auction in September 2010 and was adopted October of 2012.  Thank you Nick!

Lulu's Nick (2005)

Scooby was rescued at auction in June of 2009 and adopted in July 2012. Thank you Michelle!

Mysterious (2006)

Mysterious was rescued off a feedlot at age 3 in August 2009 thin and neglected.  She absolutely blossomed and found her person, Therese in February 2011.  Thank you so much Therese!

Place Cowboy (IRE) (2001)

Place Cowboy was rescued at auction in August 2010 for $220.  A former graded stakes competitor and winner, he was adopted by the SCTR volunteer(s) that rescued him for a future career in eventing.  Thank you Laure (and Kathy!)

Here Comes Big G (2000)

"G" was rescued at auction in 2011 and adopted by Caroline who identified her and realized she was the dam of "Rainbows at Aloha", a filly she rescued from a feedlot in 2009.   Thank you Caroline!

Desert's Honey Cup

Desert's Honey Cup was rescued at auction for $95 bidding against a kill buyer on Valentine's Day 2009, just one week after her first trip through a livestock auction ring.  Sweet "Honey" is now adopted by Stephanie.  Thank you Stephanie for offering Honey a lifetime home!

Native Pretentious (1991)

After eight starts and five registered thoroughbred babies, Native Pretentious was rescued at auction in April 2009 for $230.  Her owners told us she was "accidentally" bred to a running quarter stallion.  Her rescue and care with SCTR was fully sponsored by Lynn and Lloyd Wells of the Toby Wells Foundation.  In November 2009, they were able to offer this sweet mare a permanent home and sanctuary at their beautiful grew rescue ranch: Blue Apple Ranch. Thank you Lynn and Lloyd.

Trato (2004)

Trato was donated to SCTR by two of his former racing owners, Jeff and Janette in order to ensure is welfare and safety after he sustained a career ending injury.  Those same remarkable owners became Trato's sponsors and his monthly visitors throughout his time in rehabilitation with us.  In August 2009, Trato was adopted by them!  Thank you so much Jeff and Janette for caring about Trato beyond his racing days and ultimately giving him the permanent loving home he deserves.

Swing's Lew (1991)

Swing's Lew a lovely 18 year old gelding by Swing till Dawn was rescued by SCTR from slaughter at auction in March 2009 and adopted by Casey O'Connor on behalf of The Golden Carrot Horse Sanctuary in April 2009, Thank you Casey!

Icanmakeitrain (2004)

Icanmakeitrain was rescued from slaughter at auction by SCTR March of 2009 and was adopted and returned to a former owner that cared about him before the month's end!  Thank you owner that cares!

GoSoFar (2013)

Goose was transferred to us from the CARMA racehorse retirement program in 2018 after running 18 times and earning over $80,000.  This gelding is ready for anything and he found a wonderful home with Katie.  Congrats Katie!!

Persistent (2002)

Percy was rescued in 2008 and was with us for 10 years.  We are thrilled he finally found a great home.  Thank you Traci!

Starship Samurai (2012)

Sammy was a CARMA placement horse who found his forever home while still in training.  Congratulations Mike and Kathleen!!

Real Greeley (2005)

Greeley was rescued from slaughter at auction by SCTR and was adopted as a companion for TJs Dixie.  Thank you Rachel and TJ!

Blackjack N Beers (2006)

Blackjack was adopted by Christina in September 2014.  He's already winning ribbons in English shows!  Congrats Christina!

Single de Mayo (2007)

Rescued from a feedlot in 2013 after selling there from auction, Single de Mayo was adopted in 2014 by Rebecca as a pleasure and sport-horse prospect, Congratulations Rebecca!

Dixie Passion (2006)

Dixie was rescued at auction in 2010 and adopted by Casey in 2012 as a sporthorse prospect.  Congratulations Casey!

TJ's Dixie (2004)

Dixie was adopted by Rachel as a trail horse.  Congrats Rachel!

Rosa Rugosa (2001)

Rosa was adopted by Gail (who also has adopted Vamp).  Thank you Gail!

Warrens Rahysgold (2004)

Rescued at auction in 2009, returned by an adopter in 2012, Warrens Rahysgold was immediately adopted by Jackie as her sport-horse prospect.  Congratulations Jackie!

Lucky (2011)

Lucky was adopted as a sport horse prospect by Joy.  Good luck Joy!

Remember Boffi (2005)

Boffi found the perfect home with Jan!  Congratulations Jan!

Rush is Right (2006)

The exuberant Rush was rescued at auction in January of 2010.  He has started training for Hunters and should make his debut next season.  Good luck Kate!

Mont La Salle (2006)

Monte was rescued at auction in August 2009 for $225.  He is beginning his new career learning to road hounds and field hunt.  Thank you Inge for offering Monte a wonderful home!

Alternative Time (2005)

Un-raced A.T. ws rescued at auction at the age of four in May 2009 with the support of a grant from Lynn and Lloyd Wells of Blue Apple Ranch.  In August 2010, A.T was adopted.  Thank you Bonnie!

Luis's Especial (2004)

We rescued Luis at auction on Kentucky Derby Day 2009 for $250 after he raced successfully in California to earn $183,000.  That same weekend, SCTR was connected with lifetime equestrian, grand prix rider, trainer and horse show judge Gay Talmey who offered a retirement home for a deserving racehorse at her beautiful ranch in Cottonwood California.  From all of us at SCTR and Luis' many fans, thank you Gay!

Colorful Angel (1995)

Colorful Angel was rescued by SCTR at auction in April 2009 for $210. Angels' rescue and care was fully sponsored by Lynn and Lloyd Wells of the Toby Wells Foundation.  In November of 2009, there were able to offer this wonderful mare a permanent home and sanctuary at their beautiful new rescue ranch: Blue Apple Ranch.  Thank you so much Lynn and Lloyd.

Magic Route (2003)

Magic Route was advertised for sale on craigslist and when a prospective buyer showed up to see him, she was horrified to find a very starved young gelding.  She called SCTR distraught to ask if we could help and Norco animal control transferred the now impounded horse to our care.  Magic recovered, blossomed and when Peter and Rhoda visited him in September, it was love at first sight.  Rhoda adopted Spriit (Brent's Last Dance) from SCTR in July; now Peter has adopted Magic as his special horse.

Careful Haste (2005)

Hasty was rescued as a two year old at auction in November 2007, just weeks after his first and last race at Del Mar. Clean legged and athletic with a terrific mind, Hasty was placed in full training by SCTR for 15 months before the perfect adopter was found for him.  Melanie is now providing Hasty with the loving home and athletic career that he deserves. Thank you Melanie!

Timeless Wager (2003)

Lovely young mare Timeless Wager's owner was seeking a great new home for her at the conclusion of her racing career in March, 2009 and asked if SCTR could help.  Within 24 hours, a perfect match had been found and Timeless Wager was adopted by Kathy and Johanna as Johanna's show horse project.  Thank you Katy and Jo!

Silky Goose (1998)

Silky Goose a lovely 11 year old Darn That Alarm mare was rescued from slaughter in February 2009, adopted in March of 2009 and is now enjoying her life with Tina in Orange County. Thank you Tina!

Ryder's Starlight (2012)

Ryder's Startlight came to us in November 2018 after 43 starts.  She found a home with Julianne in January of 2020.  Good Luck to both of them!

Ashland Rose (1989)

Ashland has been with SCTR since 2010.  Nine years later, she found a wonderful permanent home with longtime caretaker Liz!  Thank you Liz!

Tuco (2012)

Tuco came to us as part of the CARMA Placement Program.  He had been in training with Showcase Training Stables and was adopted by Paul and his daughter to continue his Hunter Jumper career.  Congrats and thank you!

Pinedale (2004)

Pinedale was purchased at auction in February of 2008 to prevent him from shipping out of state to slaughter.  He found his forever home with his caretaker.  Thank you Kathy!! 

Bodaway (2010)

Bodaway was rescued with a tendon injury in 2015 and as adopted in June of 2016 as a sport horse project by Jill. Good Luck Jill and Bodaway!

Rogue Victory (2005)

Rogue Victory was rescued at auction in 2014 and adopted a few months later by Alyssa as a dressage prospect.  Good luck Alyssa!

Backatitagain (1997)

"Back at it" was rescued at auction in 2010 and adopted by Nick as a dressage prospect in 2013.   Congratulations Nick!

Cymple Rhythm (2003)

Della was rescued at auction in September 2013.  Della has been adopted by Aislinn who has been waiting a long time for horse of her very own.  Congrats Aislinn!

Deltamax (2006)

Max was rescued at auction in February 2010 for $75.  He has found his forever home with Bonnie.  Thank you Bonnie!

Apache (2006)

Apache was rescued at auction in May 2009 and was adopted in October 2012.  Thank you Jillian!

Lola (2006)

Lola was rescued at auction in March of 2009.  She was adopted in May 2012.  Congratulations Ekaterina!

Der Van (2005)

Der Van was rescued at auction in August 2009.  He is now a seasoned trail horse.  Thank you Roy!

Norco Pal  (2005)

Norco Pal was rescued from a feedlot after selling there from an auction in 2012.  He was adopted later that ear as a companion horse.  Congratulations Karen!

Northern Angel (1986)

Lovely former racehorse gelding "Bear" was rescued at auction December 2009.  He found his home a year later and started a 4 year show career as a senior. RIP Bear. 

Warren's Justastorm (2006)

Beautiful Xena was rescued from slaughter in January of 2010 and was adopted as a sporthorse prospect in August 2010.  Thank you Amy!

Free Sammy (2004)

Free Sammy was rescued at auction for $85 in June 2009, just two days after his racing owner gave him away. Sammy was once worth $77,000 as a two year old in training.  Sammy has been adopted by Lisa to be a sport horse and the object of love and adoration.  Thank you Lisa!

Footloose Louie (2000)

Louie was rescued at auction for $270 bidding to prevent him from shipping to slaughter and funds for his rescue and care were generously donated by Lynn and Lloyd Wells of the Toby Wells Foundation.  Michelle adopted Louie after his original adopter passed away. Thank you Michelle!

Rainbows at Aloha (2005)

"Rainbow" was found on a local feedlot by SCTR's founder in February of 2009 with badly swollen knees just weeks after her last race.  Caroline fully sponsored Rainbow's rescue, veterinary care and rehab and, in August-following the loss of one of her older horses and the mediate need for a companion for her own young mare-she decided to adopt this lovely filly. 

Brent's Last Dance (1996)

Spirit was rescued at auction in April 2008 days after she aborted her foal. After a lengthy rehabilitation, we were finally able to list her for adoption when Rhoda and Peter contacted us, looking for a trail horse and companion for their Arabian gelding.  They met Spirit and it was love at first sight! Spirit is now adopted, and enjoying her new life with Rhoda and Peter at their beautiful ranch in Valley Center. Thank you Rhoda and Peter!

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