Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue

How You Can Help

Donate! Cash, In-Kind, Services

The cost of our rescue, rehabilitation, re-training and
re-homing programs is considerable and we rely on
private donations of cash, supplies, and volunteer
services by generous individuals such as you in addition
to the grants that we apply for and our fundraising
revenues. Cash donations towards general program
costs are always needed and so valued - and of course
are fully tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the
Internal Revenue Service codes. You can donate here to
assist us in caring for these magnificent animals:

Please contact us at if you have any item or service that you feel able to gift to the horses. Gifts of horse supplies, feed and hay, tack, and any other items or services that we could use for fundraising purposes to support the horse - by sale, for silent auction, for live auction and on e-bay - are always welcomed!

Sponsoring a Horse

Our horses need sponsors! If you are unable currently to adopt
a horse, but would like to help a horse in our care by providing
"virtual" sponsorship, please contact us at

Amounts as small as $10 per month, up to a "full sponsorship"
of $250 per month are much appreciated. Horses awaiting
adoption and SCTR's retired horses, are in need of sponsorship.
In return, if you are ever in the Southern California area, we
would love to have you visit your sponsored horse; we will send
you regular updates and new photos of your horse; and of course
your sponsorship is a fully tax deductible donation. If your
sponsored horse is adopted, you will be notified immediately. For
a list of horses requiring sponsors currently, please see our 
Be a Horse Angel  page or simply donate here:


Here is a photograph of one of our long-term residents,
Noble Gambler, who needs additional sponsors - who could say
no to this lovely boy? 

Adopting A Thoroughbred

Our most pressing need is for permanent, loving, adoptive homes for the Thoroughbreds that we rescue. Please forward this
website address to friends that might be interested in providing a home for a Thoroughbred ex-racehorse. 

We can be contacted at or (951) 768-2043 by prospective adopters. All prospective adopters should be
aware that providing a new home for one of our horses involves a commitment to that horse for its lifetime. We do not adopt
out horses to those looking for re-sale "projects". We will endeavor to provide the best possible advice and ongoing guidance
concerning the retraining and care of your Thoroughbred, put you in touch with experienced off track Thoroughbred (re) trainers,
and will stay in touch with you to ensure that all is going well for you and your new horse. In the event that your circumstances
change, and you can no longer care for your horse, he or she can be returned to us.   

Many of the Thoroughbreds sold at livestock auctions or coming directly from the racetrack are young and, even if they have
suffered minor injuries and wear and tear through their racing years, they have many possible future career trajectories. Many
will make excellent pleasure and trail horses, and others are amateur sporthorse prospects for both Western and English riding
disciplines. The Thoroughbreds that we have rescued all have wonderful temperaments, and want to be "pets"; mainly they
want to belong to a loving human being.  

Please visit our About Adopting Page.

If you are currently unable to provide a permanent home for an ex-racehorse, but would like to financially contribute to the
re-training and adoption programs of SCTR, you can send a tax deductible donation check to SCTR, PO Box 5, Norco, CA 92860
or you may make a tax deductible donation to our organization through paypal here: 

Warren's Rahysgold - adopted!

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