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People of SCTR

The directors and officers of SCTR are entirely volunteer - unpaid - and SCTR  is also assisted by a number of additional volunteers and caretakers, as well as a some (small) independent contractors including two professional trainers, farriers, veterinarians, etc.  The information here on our people is current as of June 1, 2018. 

Laure Ross DVM, AM (President)

As a child, Laure was fascinated with horses.  Riding whenever possible (and not as often as she would have liked), led to a determination to one day own a horse (or two, or three).

Laure completed a 4-year combined Master's and Bachelor's degree in Cellular and Developmental Biology at Harvard University where she also competed on their arena polo team (which was a bit of a shock after riding dressage for years).  She completed her DVM in 1997 at the University of California at Davis and dabbled in dressage and jumping.

She now owns an OTTB and has managed to cajole some of her friends into adopting thoroughbreds as well. 

Pony Trekking in Mongolia

John Chun (Director and Treasurer)

John Chun became interested in the welfare of horses after watching Barbaro break down in the first few seconds of the 2006
Preakness.  In the succeeding weeks, he started following Barbaro's recovery and progress via
(which eventually became  While following Barbaro's progress, he learned more about horses
and horse racing. 
 learned not just about the sport but about what happens to many racehorses after they can no longer run
or breed; that many ended up going to a horrible death in slaughter plants.  This shocked and saddened him, and he began
donating to various rescue organizations that saved horses from this sad fate.  Donating and interacting with various rescue
organizations educated him on some of the things involved in doing such work.  In addition, he began writing to Congress about
getting legislation passed to outlaw the practice of horse slaughter, and to petition various race tracks to encourage them to do
more to provide for the care of retired race horses.

John provides tax and financial accounting services for SCTR, is responsible for submitting our IRS and state tax paperwork and
providing tax receipts for donors, donates his photography for SCTR's website and as fundraising items, runs our e-bay auctions
and web-store, and assists in all fundraising activities of the organization. 
John's career away from the horses is in the field of
Information Technology.  Over the years, he has worked as a computer programmer and as a business analyst.  Currently, he
works as a senior business analyst for a large Title and Escrow company.

Jacqueline Poe (Director and Secretary)

Jackie Poe (Feenstra) grew up with a deep love of horses; from sun up to sun down the only place she ever wanted to be was
with her horses, and over time not much has changed. Her love of riding turned into a passion for hunter/jumpers. She
competed on the Arabian circuit with her pure bred Arabian EC Monsoon, but after ten years of showing stopped competitively
jumping to attend Chapman University, where she attained a Bachelors degree in Educational Psychology. She currently serves
as a director for SCTR while monitoring the care of up to 10 of SCTR's Thoroughbreds at her family’s farm in Apple Valley,
California and teaches "at risk" children in the Apple Valley school district. 

Growing up in the sheltered world of the Arabian shows Jackie was unaware of the devastation the slaughter for human
consumption market in Mexico was having for California’s horses. In 2008 Jackie was asked by SCTR founder Caroline Betts to
work a rescue horse named Hasty, and from then on she was hooked; Hasty was so special that the idea animals so precious
were being shipped across the boarder was unimaginable. Now along with many other dedicated volunteers Jackie donates her
time and efforts 
to help protect these amazing animals from an unthinkable fate. Jackie is passionate about these horses and
encourages everyone 
to give a rescue horse a chance - their passion and love never ceases to amaze her.

Megan Wallace Kizer (Director and Head of Social Media)

Megan developed a love for horses as a child after a friend introduced her to riding. She grew up riding as often as she
could, and her parents quickly purchased her a pony of her own.  After dabbling in several different disciplines, Megan fell
in love with hunter/jumpers, competing for years on the Arabian circuit.  Even though one of her Arabians was purchased
from an auction, Megan never knew the unthinkable fate that awaited many of the auction horses. 

In the early years of SCTR, Megan boarded horses for us and identified Thoroughbreds at local auctions.  Working with SCTR,
she developed a deep connection with the horses.  Megan stepped away from SCTR for a few years to complete her Masters
in Education from the University of Redlands.  In 2018, Megan came back to SCTR as a Board member working to promote our
horses and advocate for OTTBs on our social media accounts. 

Jennifer Feenstra (Volunteer)

Jennifer Feenstra grew up loving and riding horses in the San Bernardino Mountains. In fact the first horse Jennifer ever rode
was a retired thoroughbred named Emper. “He was the best babysitter my mother could ever ask for and as soon as I was
old/tall enough to climb up on him by myself my sister Jackie and I would ride Emper double to the post office every Saturday
to get the mail.” As Jennifer got older she and her sister started training and showing Arabians in trail, dressage and hunter
over fences.  Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Sciences from Cal Poly Pomona. During that time she
worked for the equine reproduction center training stallions and foaling out babies. Jennifer has also worked giving lessons to
beginner riders and breaking cow horses. Jennifer received her PhD in Developmental Biology at Loma Linda

Interestingly, despite Jennifer's thorough education in the horse world, it was only a few years ago that she discovered the
cruel and inhumane treatment of many horses bought from auction and the plight of horses slaughtered in Mexico. Since then
Jennifer has helped SCTR care for the horses on the Apple Valley property and attend monthly auctions.

Laurie Taylor, (Volunteer)

Laurie Taylor has been around horses her entire life. Raised with her family’s Arabian Horse breeding program, and over the
years she has competed Western, Hunter, Saddle Seat, Sport Horse, 4-H, Ghymkhana, Trail, Trail Trials, CTRs, Over Fences,
Halter, Sport Horse in Hand, Showmanship, Horsemanship, Parades, Vaulting (earning her bronze medal), and more. These
disciplines were with Arabians, Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Thoroughbreds, and many many other breeds and crosses. Laurie
also worked on a large breeding ranch, and has her own Arabian Horse breeding program. She enjoys trail riding and camping
with her horses. 

Laurie volunteers her time to photograph and videotape SCTR's horses for our website and adoption program, donates the
images to SCTR, is a contributor of photography to our fundraisers, and is the creator of our annual "Still Winners" calendar. 

Laurie is a professional equine photographer, and owner of TMA Photography.

Caroline Betts (Past President)

Caroline Betts is the founder of SCTR. Caroline began riding horses at approximately age seven when 
growing up in Surrey, England, and has experience in multiple equestrian disciplines including dressage, hunt-seat, and field 
hunting. She developed an early interest in horse showing and racing, and formerly partnered with a spouse in a small 
Thoroughbred racehorse production business after moving to California in 1994. Since 2007, upon becoming aware of the sad 
demise in Mexican slaughter plants of many southern California Thoroughbreds left at local auction lots, Caroline has attended 
and monitored Thoroughbred consignments at local auctions, began rescuing Thoroughbreds at auction initially as a volunteer 
for Tranquility Farm, and founded SCTR in June of 2008. 

Caroline currently owns five (non-racing and retired) Thoroughbreds of her own. Caroline holds a full-time research and 
teaching position as a tenured Associate Professor of Economics at USC, having earned a BA (Hons.) in Economics at 
University of Durham in 1987, an MA from Queens University, Canada in 1990, and a Ph.D. at the University of British 
Columbia in 1994. Caroline stepped down as President in May of 2018.

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