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Shelley Creek (2007)

We first saw Shelley Creek, a 2007 filly by Unbridled Native from High Brite mare Miss Golden Goal, on a low end auction lot in
December of 2008, as a yearling. She had saddle marks, swollen knees and a horribly crooked left front leg. We were outbid
that day,but the following month Shelley was back and we won her for $75 bidding against a kill dealer. 

Shelley's knees were open and there was considerable inflammation in both, partly a result of inappropriate nutrition, requiring
a special diet, frequent corrective hoof trimming, and limited controlled exercise for a period of time. However, within a few
months, the inflammation completely subsided and her knees closed. Her right leg now looks completely normal, however her
left front leg will always be "bowed" between the knee and ankle. Shelley will never be able to bear weight safely, but so far she
has been perfectly pasture sound. This young horse should never have been started under saddle.

Shelley in January 2009, the day after her auction rescue: she had also appeared to have worn the same halter for the month
between auctions, and suffered some minor nerve damage as a result across her nose band which seems to have pretty much

Shelley's front legs, January 2009

Six months later....

Shelley resides in a semi-pasture board situation at the family ranch of a friend of SCTR with Ashland Rose. Her left leg will
never be straight, but she's perfectly healthy and pain free. If you would like to donate to the ongoing cost of Shelley's care,
you can do so here:  

Victory Design (2002) (IRE)

Victory is a beautifully bred eight year old gelding, by Danehill and out of the Gone West mare, Sunsilk, who sold as a                                     yearling at Tattersalls in the UK for $437,000. He raced successfully in the UK and the US on the turf, earning                                                 approximately $70,000. We purchased him at auction for $175 in September of 2008. Victory Design has an old hip 
injury which prevents us from offering him as a riding horse prospect for health and safety reasons, however he moves very 
well, despite the injury as is in retirement with Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue.

To donate to Victory's care, please click here:  

Noble Gambler (2004)

Noble Gambler was admitted to SCTR following his breakdown during his second race at the age of four at Hollywood Park in
July 2008. Gambler, a gelded son of In Excess, is a huge horse and had essentially destroyed his suspensory apparatus,
sustained a low bow, and chipped a sesamoid, some of which had occurred during his last race and some at an earlier date per
an initial veterinary examination and x-rays. Our vet recommended application of a gel cast for a period of time, however
Gambler reacted badly to the blistering agent in the casts and we were subsequently unable to use them. 

Despite our vet's concern that founder was likely, Gambler has survived a lengthy rehab and remained a very cheerful horse.
However, he is unlikely to ever be pasture sound per a final vet evaluation, and will need to be maintained in a relatively small
paddock or large corral. Gambler resides at our facility in Apple Valley and receives visitors and fans there. He's an incredibly
gentle, friendly horse and we're proud to have him healthy and with us. 

Gambler upon arrival at SCTR in 2008 - left front leg is the injured one, note the angle of left front pastern and size of the ankle

Blistering under the gel cast.

Eight years later...he's gained weight, jogs sound on (limited) flexion, but it's unlikely to ever be safe to turn him out
in pasture. Laurie Taylor has done a wonderful job of capturing his beauty.

If you would like to contribute to Gambler's ongoing care costs, please donate here:  

Ashland Rose (1989)

Ashland Rose (1989) is a bay mare by Flying Paster and from a Wing Out mare Quiet Flight, who was bred in CA by Ed Friendly,
and raced 26 times earning $102,775. Her races included a Blacktype two year old win in the Woodside Stakes at Bay 
Meadows in 1991 and third place finish in the Bay Meadows Burlingame Stakes. Ashland had eight registered thoroughbred 
foals, including 6 starters and 3 winners by California sires including Devon Lane, General Meeting, Memo, Smokester, and 
Swiss Yodeler. 

Ashland last ran through a mixed bloodstock auction in September 2006, where she failed to meet her reserve, foaled her last
baby in April 2007, and was next seen at a low end auction in Mira Loma in November 2009. There, she was purchased by
another rescue organization, to prevent her from shipping to slaughter. She was subsequently surrendered to SCTR by that
organization in April 2010.  This is her condition upon arrival at SCTR:

An older horse, Ashland Rose took many months to fully gain weight and condition. These photographs were taken by 
professional photographer Laurie Taylor roughly three months after she arrived at SCTR:

To contribute to Ashland's ongoing care costs in retirement, you can donate 

Freeze the Win (2000)

Freeze the Win, "Cole" is a very kind but sensitive dark bay TB gelding. Cole raced 49 times in Canada and California before being purchased at auction in March of 2008 by a dealer. We purchased him from the dealer's lot a few days later to prevent him from shipping out of state for slaughter. Unfortunately, Cole was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and is not suitable for riding or adoption.  He has been retired with Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue.

If you would like to contribute to Cole's ongoing care, please click here: 

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